Making the right appointment reduces unnecessary wait times for you in the waiting room.  The following explanations allow you to decide what you need to ask for:

Allows 15 minutes for most acute medical problems plus one or two simple queries eg scripts, blood pressure review.

Allows 30 minutes for complex medical review or “a list of things” (4 or more issues), or a check-up if you have not been to the doctor for a considerable time.

5 minute only designed for repeat prescriptions of something you usually take, not a new script not taken previously unless vaccination.  Usually bulk billed.

5-10 minutes for renewal of referral to a specialist doctor that you already see regularly.

30 minute appointment allows for a total body skin check, advised for patients who have had skin cancers removed or who have a family history of melanoma or are aged more than 40.

30-45 minutes with nurse, 15 minutes with doctor.  This plan allows us to align your personal and our medical goals with optional management of your chronic medical condition.  It is updated every 2 years, and ideally reviewed every 6 months to ensure goals are being achieved.

Can accompany your GPMP (in the same visit) and this allows us to share the plan with specialists, allied health and other services you access and you can obtain Medicare subsidy for 5 allied health visits annually. Both of these are bulk billed.

45 minutes with mental health nurse, 15 minutes with doctor.  This plan covers a comprehensive assessment of your mental health and psychological background history and is used to refer for subsidised psychological services (5-10 visits per year).  Payment $235 with a Medicare rebate of $146.90.

30 minute with nurse and 15 minute with doctor.  As well as administering vaccines accordingly to the schedule we discuss your child’s overall health and development, measure growth parameters and discuss any queries you have.  This visit is bulk billed.

45 minute with nurse, 15 minute with doctor.  This annual check covers overall health appropriate for age and is accompanied by enrolment for CTG eligibility. This visit is bulk billed.

Nurse may do home visit or 45 minute appointment at the surgery, 30 minute appointment with the doctor.  Allows comprehensive coverage of all health issues and thorough physical examination.  This visit is bulk billed.

15 minute with nurse, 15 minute with doctor.  If you have an eye condition please attend optometrist or eye specialist first.  Can often be completed online saving you a trip to Services NSW.

30 minute appointment with doctor.

45 minute both baby and mother booked in. Dr Carmen Ast is a qualified Lactation Consultant.  Antenatal consultations regarding lactation are also available (30 minutes).  Dr Ast needs to observe the baby feeding so ensure baby is present.

30 minute with the Nurse and 15 min with the Doctor. This is a comprehensive assessment covering your health to ascertain if you have risks for developing chronic disease or common cancers as you reach the middle ages.

We can help you to make lifestyle changes that can keep you healthy . This visit is usually bulk billed and only available once in this age group.